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Odesis, the future of trading?

As the years have gone by and the crypto space has become more renowned for moon boys and 10x pump and dumps, one project has set out to change the way investors view the Binance Smart Chain and how they can make passive income from a simple one time investment and hodl.

So we caught up with a member of the Odesis team to gather a bit more insight into the project and why it is so different to the 1000’s of other projects launched everyday.

The team have decided to stick with some of the traditional reassurances that are offered on the Blockchain such as having their smart contract audited and the lead developer “Priit” being KYC’d, these methods are traditional in offering a degree of assurance for investors that their funds are safe.

We asked the team what makes Odesis stand out from the crowd and this was their response:

Odesis is the first BSC project with an advanced automated trading system that operates on Bybit and Binance and ensures consistent income for Odesis token holders.  Simply hold Odesis tokens to receive weekly dividends based on the number of tokens you hold. As the ecosystems assets grow from trading and collecting taxes, potential profits will increase, creating a self-sustaining system that benefits everyone. This means holders will keep earning from the trading systems profit regardless of what the market cap is!

We dug a bit deeper and soon discovered the beauty of what was being put in front of us. Essentially Odesis is a gateway that enables non Crypto savvy people from all walks of life to invest without fear and with a large degree of certainty that they will see a weekly return on their funds.

unlike other projects in the BSC space it is true that the chart really isn’t the main focus of Odesis. Buys AND sells are a good thing in this project. Sounds crazy right?

Let us explain, Everytime a buy is made 4% of that transaction is added to the platforms trading fund, sells are the same with the tax on these being 9%, so in short this continually compounds the platforms trading pool. In addition a further 10% of the platforms weekly profit is also added to the trading fund every week further compounding the trading power.

With this continuous cycle Odesis feeds itself within its own ecosystem and as a direct result their automated dividend tracker pays USDT to ODESIS TOKEN HOLDERS EVERY SUNDAY.

What is the trading platform?

The platform is essentially the result of a year of work from a global network of 8 IT experts from both the Crypto sphere and the real world, a bot if you will but not just any bot, this thing is unreal. The trading platform offers a win rate between 70% and 90% and everything the bot does is shared through full transparency on both the Bybit account of the project and their own results channel.


We see a huge potential for investors to accrue a steady stream of very tangible passive income in this project and for the early whales the potential is such that “the moon” could actually be reached in terms of returns.

We have each invested in Odesis here at CMC News and we will update you all in a year from now and see just how well this amazing project has performed.


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Blockchain: BSC

Available on: Pancakeswap

Contract address: 0xa68D77D85b24257adae0bC9Ca96edcBCba5F03Ea