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The Bitcoin Group #378 – Buffet’s Bitcoins – Sam’s Trial – ETF Midnight – Bitcoin & China

Is Warren Buffet secretly profiting off Bitcoin? Probably


Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (
Dan Eve (<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
and Thomas Hunt (


Warren Buffett Revealed To Be Quietly Making Bank From Bitcoin And Crypto Amid Price Swings
Source: Forbes

Ex-girlfriend Says Sam Bankman-Fried Illegally Kept Bitcoin Price Below $20,000
Source: The Street

Prosecutors Played a Stunning Recording at the SBF Trial. It Sure Sounded Bad for Him!
Source: Slate

SEC Deadline on Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Dispute Approaching at Midnight
Source: Coindesk

Bitcoin Mines China United States
Source: NY Times

Can China Still Affect Bitcoin Prices Before The Next Halving?
Source: Forbes.
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