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The Bitcoin Group #362 – Binance & Coinbase Crackdown – Price Unaffected – Blank Swan – Petrobitcoin

The SEC has sued Binance & Coinbase, but the honey badger doesn’t care

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Ben Arc (<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
Josh Scigala (
and Thomas Hunt (


US Tightens Crackdown On Crypto With Lawsuits Against Coinbase, Binance
Source: Coinbase

Robinhood Joins Coinbase in Saying It Tried to ‘Come In and Register’ Like SEC Wanted
Source: Coindesk

If You Don’t Like It, Leave: CZ’s Message to Employees After SEC Leaks Chat Logs
Source: Decrypt

Bitcoin Price Shrugs After SEC Moves. Why Cryptos Aren’t Sinking.
Source: Barrons

Bitcoin Is A Cult, Offers No Refuge, And Doesn’t Help Even ‘The Bad Guys’, ‘Black Swan’ Author Nassim Taleb Says
Source: Business Insider

The Petrodollar And Its Discontents Point to Bitcoin’s Role in the Financial Future
Source: Business Insider

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