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The Bitcoin Group #361 – Sluggish – Google Cloud Lightning – Pulsechain – FTX – Regulation

“Price going down, but also up”, Trader says.

Adam McBride (
Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
and Thomas Hunt (


Bitcoin Lingers Under $27K to Continue Its May Sluggishness Amid Inflation Concerns
Source: Coindesk

Voltage scales Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure with Google
Source: Cloud

The PulseChain Sideshow Tent Is Collapsing
Source: Coindesk

Sam Bankman-Fried Sets The Stage To Blame FTX’s Massive Fraud On A Law Firm’s Advice
Source: Fortune

Biden Will ‘End Up Killing It’—Serious Crypto Warning Could Spell Chaos For The Price Of Bitcoin And Ethereum As Debt Ceiling Deal Reached
Source: Forbes

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