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The Bitcoin Group #359 -Price Frozen – Just Gambling – Tether Buys – Ledger Keys -Smaller Conference

Crypto winter has a cooling effect on Miami Beach.

Dan Eve (
Martjin Wismeijer (
Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (
and Thomas Hunt (


Bitcoin in Stasis Below $27K Ahead of Powell Speech
Source: Coindesk

The MPs Are Right — Bitcoin Is Just Gambling And Should Be Treated As Such
Source: Yahoo

Tether Buys Bitcoin With a Portion Of Its Net Profit To Back USDT Stablecoin
Source: CNBC

Is Ledger’s New Bitcoin Key Recovery Feature Safe? Experts Have Doubts
Source: Coindesk

Attendance at World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference Down by Half as ‘Crypto Winter’ Drags On
Source: Coindesk

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