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The Bitcoin Group #358 – Price Slips – Ordinals Drama – Bittrex Bankrupt – Tether – BlockFi

Bitcoin hits $27,000 — will it fall more?


Victoria Jones (
Martjin Wismeijer (
Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (

Dan Eve (
and Thomas Hunt (


Bitcoin Prices Slip to 2-Month Lows as CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Trend Indicator Turns Neutral From Bullish
Source: Coindesk

Bitcoin Miners Earning $40M Daily Revenue as Ordinals Debate Splits Devs
Source: Decrypt

Bittrex Approved To Borrow $7 Mln Bankruptcy Loan In Bitcoin
Source: Reuters

Tether Posts Massive First Quarter Profits of $1.48 Billion
Source: Yahoo

BlockFi Crypto Customers Lose Fight Over Disputed Coin Transfers
Source: Bloomberg

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