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The Bitcoin Group #357 – Gold over Bitcoin? – Fedi Raises – Coinbase Intl – The Bet – Bhutan

$1M Bitcoin in 90 days? How’s that bet going?


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This Week:

U.S. Regulatory Crackdown Sees Institutional Investors Prefer Gold to Bitcoin: JPMorgan
Source: Coindesk

Fedi Raises $17M in a Bid to ‘Accelerate the Adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning’
Source: Decrypt

Coinbase Launches International Exchange with Bitcoin and Ethereum Perpetual Futures
Source: Decrypt

Balaji Closes Bitcoin Bet With $1.5M in Donations, Including $500K for Bitcoin Core Development
Source: Decrypt

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City Canceled — But Did It Ever Really Exist?
Source: Protos

The Kingdom Of Bhutan Has Been Quietly Mining Bitcoin For Years
Source: Forbes


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