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The Bitcoin Group #353 – Bitcoin $30K? – Dark Market Seized – Bitcoin Stamps – Satoshi Jobs?

Is Steve Jobs really Satoshi Nakamoto? Find out


Christian Rootzoll (
Daniel M. (
Ben Arc (<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
Josh Scigala (

and Thomas Hunt (


Bitcoin at $30,000 Is Still Out of Grasp But Getting There ‘Looks Likely’
Source: Yahoo

‘Operation Cookie Monster’: International Police Action Seizes Dark Web Market
Source: Reuters

‘Bitcoin Stamps’ NFTs Are Gaining On Ordinals
Source: Decrypt

Apple Hiding A Bitcoin Manifesto In Macs Is Fueling Theories That Steve Jobs Was Satoshi Nakamoto, The Crypto’s Mysterious Inventor
Source: Business Insider

Binance’s Market Share Hits Lowest Level Since November After CFTC Lawsuit, End of Zero-Fee Trading
Source: Coindesk


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