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The Bitcoin Group #350 – Bitcoin Rally! – Bank Runs – A.I. – Kill Switch – Ordinals

Banks crashing while Bitcoin Triumphant!


Adam Meister (
Adam McBride (
Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (
Dan Eve (
and Thomas Hunt (


Crypto Rallies Into Weekend, Bitcoin Heads For Its Best Week Since Early 2021
Source: CNBC

SVB Bailout Exposes The Limits Of Central Banking, Highlighting Bitcoin
Source: Forbes

Exclusive: U.S. Regulator Eyes Friday Bids For SVB, Signature Bank -Sources
Source: Reuters

Three Finance And Tech Giants That Bitcoin Has Surpassed In Terms Of Market Cap This Year
Source: CNBCTV

“I dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4” says Conor Grogan
Source: Twitter

EU Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Smart Contracts to Include Kill Switch
Source: Coindesk

Bitwise Hopeful For a Spot Bitcoin ETF, But Sees No ‘Path Forward’ At SEC Now
Source: Pionline

4 Things Every Artist Needs To Understand About Bitcoin Network’s Update for Native NFTs
Source: Rolling Stones


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