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The Bitcoin Group #349 – Crypto Banks Falling – 30% Miner Tax – ETH a Security? – Krugman Woes

Is FTX contagion spreading and taking down part of the Banking system? Find out today


Gabriel Vine (
Ben Arc (
Josh Scigala (
Dan Eve (
and Thomas Hunt (


Bitcoin, Ether Fall After Go-to Crypto Bank Silvergate Announces Liquidation
Source: CNBC

Regulators Order Silicon Valley Bank To Shut Down In Biggest Bank Collapse In Years
Source: NBC News

U.S. Treasury Department Proposes 30% Excise Tax on Crypto Mining Firms
Source: Coindesk

New York Attorney General Sues KuCoin, Claims Ethereum Is a Security
Source: Yahoo

Bitcoin Twitter Taunts Paul Krugman Over TradFi Troubles
Source: Yahoo

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