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The Bitcoin Group #344 – Bitcoin $24,000 – Ordinal NFTs – Damus Nostr – 16 Devs Sued

Can you play Doom on the Bitcoin blockchain? Ordinals says YES!


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Bitcoin Rises Above $24,000, Extending Its New Year Rally Amid a Broader Gain in Tech Stocks (CNBC)

Bitcoin has risen above $24,000, continuing its New Year rally as part of a broader gain in tech stocks. Analysts attribute the recent growth in Bitcoin’s value to increasing institutional adoption and a growing public awareness of cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Community Erupts in Existential Debate Over NFT Project Ordinals (CoinDesk)

The Bitcoin community has become divided over a new NFT project called Ordinals, which has led to an existential debate over the role and purpose of the cryptocurrency. Some see Ordinals as a step forward for the industry, while others view it as a threat to the principles of decentralization that underlie Bitcoin.


Damus pulled from Apple’s App Store in China after two days (TechCrunch)

Damus, a new app that was launched in China two days ago, has been removed from Apple’s App Store due to complaints from Chinese regulators. The app, which is aimed at helping users find and book parking spaces, was reportedly seen as a threat to China’s state-run parking management system.


Craig Wright’s UK Case Against 16 Bitcoin Developers to Go to Full Trial: Report (CoinDesk)

Craig Wright, who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, will go to full trial in the UK in a case against 16 Bitcoin developers, according to a report. The case concerns the ownership of billions of dollars’ worth of the cryptocurrency and will determine whether Wright has the right to access the funds.



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