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The Bitcoin Group #337 – SBF Arrested – Trump NFTs – Death Cross – CZ vs O’Leary

Who would win in a fight — CZ or Kevin O’Leary? — Find out on today’s show!

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Ben Arc (

Dan Eve (cryptopoly)
Josh Scigala (

and Thomas Hunt (


SBF Still Pretending His Crypto Collapse Was A ‘Mistake’ — Charges Show It Was A Con

Reports Suggest Caroline Ellison Is Working With Feds and Snitching on FTX Co-Founder Bankman-Fried

Trump Sells a New Image as the Hero of $99 Trading Cards

There’s a commercial for it

Trump Called Bitcoin a ‘Scam,’ Now He’s Selling NFTs

Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary Hits Back Against Binance CEO Calling Him A ‘Liar’

Bitcoin Few Weeks Away From Its First Weekly Chart ‘Death Cross’

Bitcoin makes it easy!

Author And CEO Justin Rhedrick Went From Behind Bars To Teaching About Bitcoin At Jay-Z’s Academy


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