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💻 Join The VIP Cryptocurrency Course and Discord Group: – Layer 1 blockchains are arguably some of the most exciting projects in the crypto industry.

And with Layer 1 projects like Ethereum doing more than 1000X from presale price, Avalanche doing more than 192X, and even Solana doing more than 604X, finding the next Hot Layer 1 could put you ahead of the competition.

In today’s video, I’m going to be teaching you all about a Layer 1 blockchain that hasn’t even hit the market yet, giving you the opportunity to learn about it first.

And a big shout out to the Layer One X team for sponsoring today’s video.

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00:00 Sleeping giant crypto coin with huge potential
00:52 New Layer 1 blockchain
01:48 What is Layer One X?
02:46 EVM to non EVM transaction
03:38 What is EVM?
04:26 All about Layer One X
06:27 Presale closing soon
06:57 Tokenomics
07:31 The team
08:08 Price prediction & wrapping up
08:51 Join the class & VIP group

So what is this new Layer 1 blockchain with huge potential?


Presale: Contribute $1000 USDC to the L1X private sale to get a premium wallet. Layer One X is an interoperable, scalable blockchain network that will shape the future of Web3.

📝 How we’re connecting the worlds of Web3.

We developed Layer One X to be a truly decentralised, permissionless, and secure blockchain enabling micro-validation and tokenisation. See how fast and scalable interoperability delivers more equitable outcomes for all.

📝 Greater interoperability with fewer integrations

Rapidly build dynamic smart contracts and dApps on L1X.VM or EVM. Easily move data, digital assets, content and tokens across chains, wallets or digital worlds fast, securely and at low cost.

📝 Superior infrastructure for dApps that scale

Get scalability with almost instant finality. The L1X VM on Rust opens up the potential of executing more than 100,000 transactions per second with lower transaction fees.

📝 Protected by mobile Proof-of-Participation and Proof-of-Consensus

We use hashed zero knowledge proof for fast transaction validation without mining or specialist hardware. Any smart device can join the decentralised consensus mechanism.

📝 The fastest operating system on the blockchain costs less.

L1X is immensely scalable with faster finality and interoperability.

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