Christian Education

CMC trains pastors and church leaders throughout Cambodia in 11 provinces reaching 1000 churches. We are building a training center(see below)in Siem Reap that will be a much needed addition to the training programs already in place.


Students in classroomLeadership training.

National Leaders — Help to train the 60 Regional Leaders

Regional Leaders in the Cambodian Provinces — Help to train the local Pastors and leaders

CMC works with 500 churches and over 300 pastors from provinces in rural Cambodia. This is a multi-evangelical denominational project. Pastors from the rural churches attend monthly training in their region led by regional Cambodian Pastors. The regional leaders are trained quarterly by CMC Cambodia staff.

Because of the training based on 2 Timothy 2:2, Pastors begin to multiply their leadership and not only are more churches planted and built up, but the church is planted for stronger success in reaching their villages.

CMC works diligently to produce new and effective training material and resources for pastors and church leaders. This is a critical part of what CMC does, because almost all of the books were destroyed during the genocide of the 1970’s and the few books that survived are now outdated and not relevant to today’s Cambodian culture.

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CMC also provides partial support for pastors in churches where they cannot support a full time pastor.

CMC provides scholarships to students who want to attend the colleges, universities in Cambodia to become the future pastors and leaders of the church in Cambodia.



Christian Training Center

These are photos taken of the building progress of the Siem Reap training center.

Training Center Planning the Center

Training Center Property Inspection

Training Center The property

Training Center Construction 2002

Training Center Construction 2002

Training Center Construction 2005

Training Center Construction 2005

Training Center Construction 2005 inside of worship center/meeting hall

Training Center Construction 2005 inside of worship center/meeting hall

Training Center Construction 2006

Training Center Construction 2006

Training Center Construction 2006

Training Center The outside of the beautiful training center in Siem Reap is now 80% complete. We need $30,000 to finish the training center.

Need for Annual operational cost

• $3,000 meals for 20 students.
• $720 for a cook.
• $720 for a caretaker.
• $1,680 for 2 guards.
• $600 for maintenance.
• $600 for office operation (copies, mailing).
• $4,440 for utilities.

Need for offices and classrooms

• $10,000 for classrooms chairs, office chairs and desks.

Need for Kitchen supplies

• $2,500 for kitchen utensils.

Need for dormitory

• $5,200 for 26 bunk beds.
• $5,200 for 52 matresses

Need to finish

• $15,000 to build a guard station, walk way around the building, and flag pole.

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Christian Education

What can I do?

CMC is unique in its approach to training national leaders.

They use national pastors and leaders to train. While many organizations utilize foreign speakers for training, CMC realized that the language and cultural barriers were too great when it came to effective communication.

The leaders who train in CMC are highly qualified, passionate native Cambodian pastors.

You can help CMC leader training by supporting training financially. For each rural pastor, it costs approximately $1000 per year. You can also support a local Cambodian pastor for ministry at his church.


Contact Radha Manickam to begin your involvement today!

You can send your tax deductible, designated gift to:

Cambodian Ministries for Christ
6511 25th Avenue SW
Seattle, Washington 98106




Training Center Map

Training Center Map

Location of Training Center. Download map




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