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Statement of Faith

bible1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

2. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and His personal return in power and glory.

4. We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

5. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling, the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

6. We believe the resurrection of both the saved and the unsaved; that they are saved unto the resurrection of life and that they are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.

7. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

8. We believe in carrying out the Great Commission.


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Our Mission

Woman_in_boatTo spread God’s love

in the Cambodian speaking world,

to facilitate the equipping

of the body of Christ

in His unity for His glory.


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Our History

1981 — Leaders in Phanat

1983 — A group of Cambodian leaders from many different denominations come together to discuss the possibility of creating an organization that can help each other physically and spiritually.

1984 — Cambodian Ministries for Christ was born; Pastor Saman Nget became the first President from 1984-1987.

1985 — Cambodian Ministries for Christ registered as a non-profit organization and obtained 501c3 status from the IRS in Seattle, WA.

1987 — Rev. Chhon Kong became the second President from 1987-1992.

Delegates_Lausane-II Conference, 1989
Delegates Sambath Ear, Radha Manickam and Arun Soknhep at the Lausanne II Conference, July 1989

1989 — Rev. Radha Manickam went to the Lausanne congress II in Manila. Rev. Chhon Kong and Rev. Setan Lee went to Bataan refugee camp in Philippines.

Rev. Radha Manickam along with Rev. Sok Nhep Arun, Rev. Sambat Ear, Rev. Cliff Westergreen, Mrs. Samoeun Intal and Mr. Frank Gray came together at FEBC’s office to form a temporary committee known as Lausanne Congress II. The purpose of this committee was to establish an international organization that could work in Cambodia.

July of 1989 Rev. Radha Manickam went to Cambodia as a guest to Ministry of Foreign affairs. He discussed with the minister of national Front the possibly of recognizing the Christian Church in Cambodia, while Rev. Chhon Kong and Rev. Setan Lee went to refugee camps in Thailand.

Rev. Manickam also met with Christian leaders secretly to form a central committee, to represent the Church in Cambodia. Those leaders are: Pastor Nget Maren, Pastor Yong Soth, Pastor Im Chhron and Mrs. Yos Em Sithan.

1990 — Rev. Radha Manickam and Rev. Chhon Kong went to Cambodia together, then to Singapore and jointed by Pastor Saman Nget and Paul Nuth. It was here that the Cambodia Christian Services (CCS) was born. The Church in Cambodia was also recognized by the government at the same time.

May of 1990, Rev. Radha Manickam, Saman Nget and Paul Nuth went to Cambodia together; at this time CMC started training pastors and leaders in secret places. Rev. Radha Manickam, helps recruit leaders and set up the future Phnom Penh Bible School upon the request of Mr. Daniel Lam.

1991 — Rev. Radha Manickam, by the invitation of the local Church, went to Kampong Cham province with Bob Hand to talk to the lieutenant-governor about allowing Christian Church a freedom of worship. Rev. Radha Manickam was invited as VIP for 7 January celebration at the Royal palace presided by Mr. Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, Hun Sen and his cabinet.

1992 Baptism
1992 — The first public baptism in Cambodia since 1975

1992 — Rev. Chhon Kong moved back to Cambodia, and Rev. Radha Manickam, became CMC’s third President. CCS conferences in Bangkok, CCS chose Rev. Radha Manickam as their first Executive director for Cambodia. Phnom Penh Bible school opened and started their class with CMC’s help. The school registered under Mr. Daniel Lam’s name and Rev. Setan Lee from CMC became their first director.

June of 1992, Rev. Manickam invited other organizations and denominations in Cambodia to join CCS. CCS had its first conference in the country in the same month and year.

1995 — CMC launched support program for pastors in Cambodia, Pastor Paul Nuth came and helped Phnom Penh Bible School as interim director, Pastor Timothy Ith also jointed the Bible School under CMC’s recommendation.

1999 — Rev. Radha Manickam had a dream to set up a training center and CMC head quarters in Siem Reap.

2000 — The dream for the center was born and with God’s provision, land was purchased.

Srah Sdech, Oudong, January 2003,First Baptist Church, Los Altos, California
One of many churches built by CMC/BILD Cambodia. Located in Sdech Oudong, it was completed in January 2003 with the help of First Baptist Church, Los Altos, California.

2001 — CMC started Church-building projects headed by Rev. Radha Manickam. Our desire was to build 3 to 5 Church buildings per year. CMC also began a partnership with Bild International to launch a new training program for pastors and leaders, headed by pastor Paul Nuth. The program is calledCMC/BILD Cambodia. Up to date, CMC works with 10 denominations in Cambodia, and 11 provinces. We are working with 1000 Churches and have trained 700 pastors and leaders. We are also working with 54 core leaders preparing them to train others.

2002 — Building for training center in Siem Reap begins in August. Our prayer and hope is that the Lord will continue to provide enough funds to finish it soon. The total needed to finish this very important project is $100,000.

training center
The outside of the beautiful training center in Siem Reap is now 80% complete. We need $30,000 to finish the inside classroom, dorm-rooms and kitchen.

2006 — November 23, 2006 Rev. Radha Manickam has signed an agreement for CMC to operate as NGO in Cambodia.








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CMC Board and Staff

Executive Board

Executive Board


International Board

Rhada Manickam Radha Manickam
Read Rhada's biography
Samuel Deng Samuel S. Deng
Senior Vice President
Read Samuel's biography
Saman Nget Saman Nget
Education Director
Read Saman's biography

Petros Chhom Petros T. Chhom
Church Building Director
Read Petros's biography
Aaron Thach Aaron Thach
Church Relation Director
Sdore NgetSdore Nget
Care Ministry Director


Chhomdoeun BuonChhomdoeun Buon
Christian Education
Thy SoyDr. Christina Lee
Church Relation
Sdore NgetBunrath Sen


Ministry Board

Executive BoardMinistry Board: (left to right) Dr. Christina Lee, Petros Chhom, Thol Rith, Sidore Nget, Thy Soy, Chhomdoeun Buon and Bunhuor Lim.


Cambodia Board



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Board and Staff Biographies


Rhada Manickam Radha Manickam

Radha Manickam

Rev. Radha Manickam was born and raised in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, of Indian decent. Both of his parents came from Brahmin backgrounds, so they were a devout Hindu family.

He became a Christian in 1973 through an English class that his church provided free of charge. It was a hard decision to make, because his family was Brahman, and he was their eldest child. But, he accepted the Lord, because he was sure that Jesus is the only one that can save him from his sin. The other thing that led him to accept Christ as his Savior was that in Hinduism there are so many gods. They even have a destroyer god. It is the opposite of Jesus. He is not the God of confusion, but of peace and salvation.

Ministries: For four years, during the Khmer Rouge time, God saved Radha's life over and over. God provided him with a Christian wife and allowed them both to escape to Thailand. While he was in the refugee camp in Thailand, he promised God he would give Him all of his time to serve Him. Also, Radha saw the need of Cambodians for Jesus. He started there in the camp and has been serving Him full-time ever since. In 1980 he served as a leader in the evangelism team in Khao I Dang refugee camp and later that year as youth leader in Sakeo II Camp. In 1981 he joined other leaders in leading the church in Phanat Nikhom camp.

Rev. Manickam and his family came to Long Beach, California, in 1981 with their two daughters. He served as Southern California district superintendent for Cambodian Evangelical Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance for one year and moved to Seattle to help start Cambodian Fellowship, now known as Khmer Evangelical Church he pastored that church for 11 years.

Rev. Manickam has served Cambodian Ministries for Christ in a few capacities, such as Secretary, Mission coordinator, and Vice-president. In 1992 he became CMC's third president, a position in which he still serves.

Rev. Manickam has served since 1993 under Mission To The Americas (a Conservative Baptist home mission) as International ministries working with Cambodian churches in North America and in Cambodia, to develop leadership and materials.

Rev. Manickam was ordained in 1987. He co-founded Cambodian Ministries for Christ (CMC), Cambodia Christian Services (CCS), and he also helped start Phnom Penh Bible School in Cambodia.

He is still married to his wife Samen for more than 28 years, and together they have five children, Chandra, Lakshmi, Priscilla, Jonathan and Sarah, they also have one grandson Kainiqo and a granddaughter Nyssa.

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Samuel Deng Samuel S. Deng
Vice President

Samuel Sameth Deng

Samuel Sameth Deng was born and raised in Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia (formerly Svay Sisophon). His parents were Buddhist. He is married to Bora and they have eight children, four boys and four girls: Vantha, Mary, Maria, David, Timothy, Rebekah, Rachel and Daniel.

In 1979, Samuel Sameth and his family escaped from the killing fields of Cambodia. In January 1980, Samuel and his family accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the Khao I. Dang Refugee Camp in Thailand.

• Samuel Sameth volunteered to serve as an Elder of the church in Philippines Refugee Camp.
• Started the Cambodian Church at Clackamas, Oregon with a friend of his.
• Worked for a time as an auto mechanic at Tigard in Beaverton, Oregon.
• Ordained as a minister of Christ in July 1990.
• Pastor of San Jose Cambodian Christian Church.
• Pastor at the Cambodian Evangelical Church in Long Beach.
• Currently, he is the Pastor of the Cambodian Congregation at First Christian Church of Long Beach.

Samuel frequently takes short-term mission trips to Cambodia and works with the CMC as Public Relations Coordinator.


• Associates Degree in auto mechanics from Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon.

• Certificate of Biblical Studies from San Jose Bible College.

• Diploma in Pastoral Ministry from Seminary Extension.

• Bachelor of Science degree in Bible and Theology from San Jose Christian College.

• Continuing studies to earn a Masters Degree with Bild International/Antioch School.

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Saman Nget Saman Nget

Rev. Saman Nget

Rev. Saman Nget was born and raised in the capitol city of Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia, in a Christian family when 99% of the country were Buddhist. His father was a Pastor and a Staff Member of Bible Translator Committee of Bible Society International. Rev. Saman Nget grew as a Christian through the teaching of his dedicated mother and was baptized into Christ when he was a senior in high school (1969). Rev. Saman Nget was married to Hosana Nget in 1978. Saman and Hosana have three grown children and currently live in Huntington Beach, California. Rev. Saman Nget received his Academic Degree at the University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1975), California State University of Long Beach (1986), Grace Bible Institute (1988), Graduate School of Pacific Christian College (1991) (now Hope International University) and Claremont School of Theology, California (2001).

After baptism, Rev. Saman Nget began teaching Children’s Sunday School; after extensive training by Mrs. Hall, a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church missionary in Cambodia. Besides teaching Bible to the children, Rev. Saman Nget was called to lead Cambodian Christian youth in the Khmer Evangelical Church in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. Rev. Saman Nget held many lay ministry responsibilities in the Church until the fall of Cambodia, 17th April 1975.

God saved his life over and over from the Communists and their Regime. During this time, called Pot Pot’s genocide regime from 1975-1979, Rev. Saman Nget was spared from jail, execution, sickness brought on by harsh work conditions, and false. His experiences show God’s work and Grace in his life. These experiences have helped Saman to serve God in every way throughout his life as God wills and leads. Rev. Saman escaped Cambodia in early 1980 to refugee camp in Thailand where he served as a Bible Teacher and Pastor to the Cambodian refugees.

Rev. Saman Nget arrived in Long Beach, California in late 1981 and was given USA citizenship in 1985 along with his wife and two sons; later their daughter was born. Since 1981 he has been involved in preaching, Bible teaching and Church planting in many areas of the USA and Canada. Rev. Saman Nget received a call to deeper pastoral ministry and has served at First Christian Church, First Friends Church of South West Yearly Meeting, and presently at the United Methodist Church of California Pacific Conference.

In 1984 Rev. Saman Nget and other Cambodian Pastors founded Cambodian Ministries For Christ. Saman was elected to be the first President of CMC and served two terms. He has held many offices in CMC throughout the years and is now secretary.

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Petros Chhom Petros T. Chhom
Church Building

Petros T. Chhom

Petros Thangsai Chhom was born and raised in Battambang, Cambodia. He was brought up in a Catholic family, the oldest of ten children. Petros met and married his wife Sony in 1977 during the Communist regime in Cambodia. They have four children: Jacob, David, Rebecca and Elizabeth. Both Petros and Sony came to know the Lord in the refugee camp in Thailand where they were baptized, discipled and where Petros began to get actively involved with leading church music and teaching small group Bible studies.

The Chhoms came to United States in 1981 and settled in Oakland, California. Petros enrolled in two Bible schools, Bay Cities Bible College and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Diploma in Christian Ministries and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies in 1986. Presently, Petros is taking management courses at Laney College and classes with BILD University working towards his Master’s Degree. His wife, Sony, had been taking courses at San Jose Christian College towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. She is working for Asian Community Mental Health Services in Oakland, California as a Family Counselor.

Petros founded the First Cambodian Baptist Church in Oakland in 1987 where he pastored for 11 years. Presently he is working for the County of Alameda Social Services Agency as an Eligibility Worker. Petros has also worked as a Superior and Federal Court interpreter for various counties in the Greater Bay Area. In 1984 Petros helped co-found Cambodian Ministries for Christ (CMC). He has served as executive board member, vice president, production coordinator, and presently as education coordinator. Along with Radha Manickam and Paul Nuth, Petros has made regular mission trips to conduct and facilitate Bible courses and training in Phnom-Penh Bible College and various provinces in Cambodia every year since 1993. Petros and his wife hope that God will use Cambodian Ministries for Christ as an encouragement and a helping hand for Cambodian churches in U.S. and abroad.

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Ravy ManickamManickam Ravy

Manickam Ravy, Cambodia Board Member

Manickam Ravy was born and raised in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is the third child in a devout Hindu, Brahman Caste family. Ravy grew up learning about the various gods in the Hindu and Buddhist religions but God began speaking to his heart when he attended a Christian church with his brother, Radha, in 1972 and 1973. God spared Ravy’s life from starvation and violence that was common during the genocide of the Pol Pot regime.

In 1990 Saman Nget, a Cambodian evangelist, spoke and Ravy accepted Jesus as his only God and Savior. The Gospel that had been introduced to Ravy before the fall of Cambodia now captured his heart with love and he knew that it was God that had spared his life for great purpose.

Ravy felt the call of God on his life for ministry. He completed the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program and has served as an assistant pastor and elder of the New Phnom Penh Baptist Church since 1996. Pastor Ravy has worked for World Vision Cambodia since 1992 and also serves on the CMC Cambodia Board. He is married to Roeun Sokha, who came to know the Lord with Ravy and they have four children, Sunnary, Radha, Mina, and Rama, who are also following God with their lives.

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Kiv KhandyKiv Khandy

Kiv Khandy, Cambodia Board Member

Kiv Khandy was born and raised in Tros village, Balang commune, Baray district, Kampong Thom province, Cambodia. He is the third child in a devout Buddhist family.

Khandy grew up learning about Buddhist religions, but God began to change his heart when he met his relatives from United states in 1991. Since then he has learned a lot about God and how to walk in the way that God taught him. In 1997, Khandy and his family accepted Jesus as their only God and Savior. He is attending a Christian church with his family in Phnom Penh.

When Khandy heard God’s call, he began to serve as a team leader in the men’s group and as an elder of the New Life Church. Khandy also serves on the CMC Cambodia Board. He is married to Sok Narin. Khandy and Narin have three children, Sengtong, Sivgech, and Sivhoung and they all love the Lord.

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Record of Officers

CMC's Board members

  • Saman Nget — Cambodian-American Methodist Church
    President 1984-1987
    Board member 1987-1991
    Secretary 2002-2007
    Church Planting 2007 - Present
    Secretary 2010-Present
  • Chhon Kong Black Rock Congregational Church
    Vice-president 1984-1987
    President 1987-1992
  • Sothy Trang — Cambodian Church, Danbury, CT
    Treasurer 1984-1987
  • Joseph C. Chan — Cambodian Methodist Church
    Secretary 1984-1985
    Board member 1985-1991
    Education Coordinator 1993-1998
  • Setan A. Lee — Evangelical Presbyterian Church
    Board member 1984-1987
    Vice-president 1987-1989
    Treasurer 1989-1991
  • Radha Manickam — Missions Door
    Secretary 1985-1991
    Vice-president 1991-1992
    President 1992-Present
  • Petros T. Chhom — First Cambodian Baptist Church
    Board member 1985-1992
    Vice-president 1992-1993
    Second Vice-president 1993-1995
    Production Coordinator 1995-1998
    Education Coordinator 1998-2007
    Church Building 2007-Present
  • Paul S. Nuth
    Board member 1992-1993
    Second Secretary 1993-1994
    Public relation Coordinator 1994-2002
    Mission Coordinator 2002-2007
    Christian Education 2007
  • Peter V. Im — First Baptist Church
    Mission Coordinator 1993-1999
    Missions Door Vice-president 1999-2010
  • Samuel S. Deng — First Christian Church
    Mission Coordinator 1999-2002
    Public relation Coordinator 2002- 2007
    Secretary 2007-2010
    Vice-president 2010-Present
  • Chamron Phal — First Baptist Church
    Treasurer 1987-1989
    Vice-president 1989-1991
    Black Rock Congregational Church
    Board member 1992-1993
    Vice-president 1993-1999
  • Christopher D. Lapel — Golden West Christian Church
    Board member 1989-1991
    Treasurer 1991-1993
    Secretary 1993-1999
    Production Coordinator 1999-2001
  • Vannarith Khiev — Cambodian Brethren Church
    Board member 1990-1992
    Secretary 1992-1993
    Public relation Coordinator 1993-1994
    Assistant Secretary 1994-1995
  • Samuel Chhum — Cambodian Baptist Church
    Production Coordinator 1993-1996
  • Komon Kuy — First Christian Church
    Treasurer 1993-1995
  • Peo Ouklor — Golden West Christian Church
    Treasurer 1995-1998
  • Sidore Nget — First Friends Church
    Production Sub-Committee 1993-1995
  • Thian Non — First Baptist Church
    Treasurer July 1998-March 1999
  • Karona Khem — First Baptist Church
    Treasurer April 1999-2001
  • Ketakun Thor — Cambodian Brethren Church
    Secretary 1997-2002
  • Yeng Bou — Cambodian Church, Modesto, CA
    Production Coordinator 2001-2004
  • Sovandy Mok — Cambodian Church of the Nazarene
    Production Coordinator 2004-2006
  • Chan Lim — First Baptist Church
    Treasurer 2004-present
  • Saveth Anderson — First Baptist Church
    Treasurer 2004-present
  • Thol Rith — Cambodian Church of the Nazarene
    Production Coordinator 2006-2007
    Care Ministries 2007-Present
  • Chhin Las Philip — Cambodia Coordinator 1998-1999
  • Saing Chhinho — Cambodia Coordinator 1999-2001
  • Chhin Las Philip — Cambodia Coordinator 2001-2005

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